At Infinite Cabs, the safety and wellbeing of our Passengers and Drivers is always our top priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID 19 situation and are taking steps in line with guidance from health authorities to help keep you safe including an industry leading sanitisation program. Click Here to learn more

The latest update on Covid-19

In view of the current coronavirus situation, we are taking best actions and practices and following the best advice from NSW Government and the Department of Health regarding the taxi industry to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers, drivers and staff so you can continue to book your rides at Infinite Cabs with full confidence.

In mid last year, for the safety and well-being of all Point to Point Transport Drivers and Passengers Transport for NSW Government launched a statewide, industry leading sanitisation program. The program continues and has been extended.

The program covers both internal and external points of the vehicle and thorough sanitising inside the cabin itself, including seats, door handles, seat belts, window controls and payment equipment.


Ride with Safe Keeping

The NSW Department of Health has provided updated information on the current coronavirus situation specifically aimed at public transport drivers, including taxis. We encourage you to protect yourself, your loved ones and others by just riding it with care. This applies on both drivers and passengers. Here are a few ways you can help to protect our community by keeping everyones safe.

How We're Keeping Our Drivers and their Passengers Safe

Helping You Stay Informed

Our response to coronavirus is based on the latest guidance from public health authorities. You can find the most current information here: Australian Government Department of Health.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 103 100 or email